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The Mission of Magnolia First Baptist Church

The Great Commission

Matthew 28:19-20

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”  — King James Version


The Mission of Magnolia First Baptist Church

Is to

Go Get ‘em!!!

Go Outreach Go Evangelize, Teach and Exercise Ministry

Go We must understand that mission is an action word. “Go” requires movement, change and a willingness to move to the church in a progressive. Jesus does not tell us to sit back and wait for someone to come to us; Jesus does not tell us to simply carry on with our day-to-day activities watching for an opportunity; Jesus tells us to take action, pick ourselves up off the couch, and “go!”

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Outreach reaching our region, impacting our nation and touching our world through 1) Visitation of Sick, 2) Those confined to Home. 3) Imprisoned and 4) Providing positive and innovative events for community. Provide help for the homeless by building relationships with programs that provide necessary resources. I.e. Hospitality Hub Memphis Union Mission and Calvary Rescue Mission

  1. Deacon’s Direction: It would be in conjunction with the duties and ministry of deacons, to serve the table of the poor.


Go Again the church is neither static nor stagnant. She does not stand still in one place., however transit from one place to another.  

Evangelize the relationship of evangelism to mission is like the relationship of the Heart to the body. Mission is the body. It walks and moves in different contexts… But always the heart beats sending the blood through the body, nourishing the other organs keeping the body alive. Spreading the Gospel to the unsaved and unchurched is the very reason for the church’s existence. Evangelism includes discipleship. Making disciples is a lot more encompassing than simply passing out a tract or knocking on a door one Saturday morning. As disciples (followers) of Christ, we are commanded to make more disciples. The first step of this may be to pass out a tract, witness to somebody at work, or talk to our friends about Christ. But, it should not stop there. If we are to truly make disciples, we need to make sure that those who take the first step have a way of getting to the second step (otherwise, the seed may fail to take root).

Teach As Jesus Charges the disciples with the Great Commission.   He says Teach twice. Therefore we must understand that Christian Education is very important in the mission of the church. Teaching empowers people to transform their lives and revolutionize the world around them.  


Exercise Ministry when a church Exercises Her Ministry she 1) Strengthens her potential as Church to draw people. 2) Strengthens her witness to help people and 3) Gives longevity to the Heritage of a past people who birthed MFBC.  Therefore, when we exercise ministry here at Magnolia First Baptist Church we strengthen the Church through Praxis rather than mere Practice. Praxis is an action that produces a result. Praxis includes an effect of the Word on the life of a believer.

Mission/Vision:                               What does God want us to do?

Goals:                                           What needs to happen for the Vision to be realized?

Objectives:                                    What do we need to do to achieve each goal?

Strategic Plan:                                Who is accountable and with what resources to

                                                     accomplish each objective?