Media Team

Magnolia First Baptist Church Media Ministry Mission Statement

The Media Ministry currently provides website and social media support for all services held at Magnolia First Baptist Church.  We meet bi-monthly (1st and 3rd Monday) to discuss any issues pertaining to the ministry and resolve them in a timely manner. We have created a wonderful monthly event called “Magnolia Person Of The Month”. This is where we allow the members to select a member of the church who they feel has done something for the good of the church and should be recognized for such achievements. We then take those who were selected monthly and allow the members to once again vote for our Person of The Year”.

The Media Ministry also hosts the 5th Sunday events. This is where we pick a theme for this casual day. We have hosted Jersey day, Color day (where a certain color is picked to wear), or certain events that we can relate to at the church. The Media Ministry will continue to provide audio, visual, and electronic media support for all services.  The GO GET’EM attitude is the team’s goal and we will continue to ensure that every service is provided with excellent services.


Author: Yukeshi Curry
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