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Larry Vann

Mr. Larry Vann (58) was born January 19, 1956 in Memphis, TN to the late Elder Frank Vann and Missionary Lorraine Vann. He became baptized at the age of 12 at New Jerusalem Church of God and Christ under the leadership of L.M. Haley. During his childhood he developed his passion for music.  It was while he was home with his parents he played his first song entitled, “Walking in the Park” by Nick Straker Band. His most favorable spiritual of all times is “Lord Help Me to Hold Out” by the late Rev. James Cleveland.  Mr. Vann was a member of Jordan River Outreach Ministry where he was formerly known as the “Minister of Music.”


As a graduate of Westwood High School (The Mighty Class of 1974), Mr. Vann, better known as “Mr. Talented” participated in many organizations such as the Glee Club and Gospel Choir, which compelled him to start his own band, entitled “The Classics”. Following high school, Mr. Vann attended Southwest TN Community College where he majored in Human Resources.


As he continued his passion for music, he developed his passion for romance with a special woman, who later became his wife, Mrs. Beverly Vann.  From this unity three daughters were born.  Mr. Vann cherishes the memory of the first song that he played for his beloved wife entitled “You are so Beautiful” by Joe Cocker. Mr. Larry Vann is currently employed with of Federal Express and has been for fifteen years. He is an awesome and loving grandfather of four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. His many other passions consist of teaching piano lessons, transitional contemporary music, and being a vocalist.


Throughout his life, he had many inspirations which consisted of his father, uncles, grandmother (Minister Elizabeth Vann), and his grandfather who was a “farmer”.  All of which played a positive role model in showing him the ropes of life.


Mr. Vann’s future goals for Magnolia are to see more dedication (growth and unity) and transition from “The Voices” to the glory and praise within the voices.


Since May 2014, Mr. Larry Vann has been a part of the Magnolia First Baptist family. With his experience we are sure to reach the goals he has set before us.  I welcome to some and present to others Mr. Larry Vann.


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