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Everyone is invited to attend Sunday School every Sunday morning at 9:25 am.

This Spring Quarter, the series will be on the topic:  The Gift of Faith

This quarter will cover three units that use the gospels of Mark and Luke to consider themes of faith.  Children’s units have different titles, but the same Scriptures and themes as youth and adults.

Unit I, “Test of Faith,” is a four lesson unit leading up to including Palm Sunday and Easter.  Based on passages in the book of Mark, four different incidents that tested the faith of Jesus’ followers–healing, wealth accumulation, denial of friendship, and resurrection–are presented for learning and discussion.

Unit II, “Restorative Faith,” follows Easter with four lessons in the book of Luke that look at incidents in which followers experienced healing, redemption, and restoration of their faith through inspiring actions and teachings of Jesus.

Unite III, “Fullness of Faith,” is a five lesson study, also in the book of Luke, of numerous ways that Jesus’ followers expressed their faith through gratitude, humility, childlike acceptance, and repentance.



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