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Bro. Louis E. Mobley, Sr. is the owner and operator of Lem’s Unisex Styling Center and Barber Shop located at 5135 Milbranch Road in Memphis, TN.  He is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.  He comes to Memphis by way of Hernando, MS.  He attended Tyler Barber School (Memphis, TN) on a scholarship.  This scholarship opened doors for him to begin a successful career. After becoming a licensed barber, Louis served two years in the U.S. Army.  Upon completion, he enrolled in William R. Moore School of Technology to gain a certification in Architectural Engineering.  Due to bigger dreams and aspirations, he withdrew from William R. Moore School of Technology and enrolled in State Tech College receiving an Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering.  With this degree he became a conveyer for many companies including FedEx and American Aluminum.  After enduring racism for being in a predominately white field, he decided to take his talents back to his passion, barbering.  He opened his first shop in 1992 on Lamar leasing a space to suit his needs.  In 1999, he stopped leasing and purchased a home that he transformed into his barbershop with his talents from his architectural engineering degree.  Please congratulate Mr. Louis Mobley for a job well done!


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